Monday, March 23, 2009

I Know What This Looks Like...We Recommend to All Our Professionals to Use Their Prudent Judgment When Making Travel Arrangements

Well, now you've gone and done it JP Morgan. Apparently, you missed all the populist outrage news re: relatively small amounts of money.

There are conflicting reports between Mickey Mouse ABC News and Reuters about the J to the P buying two Gulfstreams and building a hangar to park them in.

The fact that there is a rumor going around about this suggests, at the very least, these potential transactions were discussed at Jamie Dimon's Scrooge McDuck-esque gold coin swimming pool.

The Barney Frank/Maxine Waters/Chuck Grassley batshit insane grandstanding burn all bankers, accountants, and anything w/ "AIG" in it at the stake remains fluid.

JP Morgan denies report it plans to buy new planes [Reuters] Sphere: Related Content

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