Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're Really Sorry We're So Evil... Here's Pizza!

I got a request from a fellow cube-hand for the topic of eating at one's workspace, specifically dining on fish.

Her feeling is one of totally grossed outedness. This is understandable considering you never hear anyone say, "that mackerel smells wonderful". In general, foods that are especially fragrant should not be allowed within the confines of a cube farm.

Granted, certain "congregation foods" (e.g. pizza, Chinese take-out) are an exception but typically these are confined to one area and forces socializing so that not everyone is back at their desk immediately before piling on the drippy, cheesy grease or MSG.
That brings up the point of management's dangling of the carrot in the form of food. There is a strange pattern of behavior among many corporate management teams out there that demonstrates their feeling that food, specifically unhealthy food, somehow makes everything ok. No matter how evil their transgressions, somehow pizza (the most popular medium) makes everything ok.
I had the unfortunate experience of eating pizza every Friday for the better part of year. Clearly, management felt that they were so deeply indebted for reparations that pizza every single week for the remainder of our time on Earth was warranted.

"Caleb," you say, "you live in New York, the pizza there is great. What are you complaining about?" Well, pizza is good. But too much of good thing sometimes messes with your digestive system and stains one too many shirts to be appreciated any more. Further, I can only stuff my face with so much platitude sincerity.
But I digress. Fish at the desk. Probably a no-no. I invite other thoughts regarding food that should be banned from work spaces.

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1 comment:

  1. It's ok to pack veggies to munch, but cauliflower can be really nasty...if you know what I mean!
    And, please don't burn the popcorn!