Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Silver Lining to Nasty Comments

Things have been pretty fun over at Going Concern. It's never without its interesting moments and it's great to read the comments that are posted by readers both the praise and the hate.

The thing that I've found is that I can't really think too much about the hater comments during the day because I'm always in a race against the clock. Whatever is going on, I'm always trying to post as much material as possible in a day to see what works and what doesn't and to follow up on stuff that is working. With all that going on, I have very little time to think about Guest 9 @ 3:39 that called me a "huge dickbag".

There seems to be two types of nasty comments: 1) Nasty comments with legitimate criticism; and 2) Hater comments and I think I may have found the silver lining in both.

For type #1, most of the time there is an underlying critique that is expressed in a nasty way so I have to try and consider the writer's intent. I usually try to figure out the underlying criticism and if it is legitimate or not and forget that the comment started with "Caleb you dumbfuck". So nasty comments can be good but it's true, lots of them are just hater comments, which is fine, it comes with the territory.

And strangely enough, the silver lining in the hater comments is sharing with them with friends works as a great joke. When I share these nasty comments with friends, they start laughing so hard, that I can't help but laugh too. Laughing with friends is what's really important anyway and if it happens at my expense, well, then I'm okay with that. Sphere: Related Content


  1. That really makes me sad. Because I really love your blog/site. It just doesn't make much sense, especially when you think that these people are your peers and probably do the same type of work that you do....I am sorry. But those comments truly have no merit.

  2. I have always thought you were a moderate dickbag. Huge is just crossing the line.

  3. Moderate dickbag I will accept. And being called a 'hack' I've realized is pretty much a compliment.