Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tramp Weekend: Unfounded Rumor That's Probably True About KPMG

The house of Klynveld is FREEZING pay for rest of this fiscal year. Those getting promoted usually get a bump in the summer and then a little boost at fiscal year end (Sept 30 for the Radio Station). Yeah, well not so much this year. No raises in the summer and no raises at the end of the fiscal year for anyone.

Heavy drinking and massive red meat consumption may now ensue. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Wow... a hiring freeze. This is Shocking! in times like these...

    Maybe the phrase "thankful to have a job" should come into play at some point. "I am happy I did not have to take a pay cut" sounds pretty good too.

    What are the other three doing these days? Are new promotes included in this frigid nightmare as well?

    Not sure how I stumbled on this blog, but I bet the fears of a pay freeze will only bring more big-4-ers to blog sites, as they will surely be driven away from the motivation to chase the green in this occupation.

  2. @Annon - my sources are speculating that the other firms may entertain the idea of freezes as well but nothing has come to my attention as of yet.

    My understanding is that the new promotes are part of the freeze, which has pissed off A LOT of people.

    You're also right on the money re: "chase the green". Eventually people are going to realize that working at a Big 4 firm(especially as an auditor) really isn't that lucrative. The allure of the firms will always be there, however, due to "prestige" and other motivators, so recruits will still strive for the opporunities they offer.

    Thanks for reading, this blog is osbcure, to be extremely mild.

  3. Personally I am sick of hearing that I should be saying "I'm thankful to have a job" and I am also sick of watching new clients pour in here. I am ready for my mid-year review and I am not accepting a pay freeze without pointing out the billings and the new client list. Why does everyone think this is not negotiable? Everything is negotiable..I would like to know how many accountants are unemployed.