Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Tony's Decide to Go With Different Dorks to Walk Onstage With Briefcases

Bloomberg is reporting today that KPMG will be taking over the counting of votes for the Tony Awards ousting long time bean vote counters Lutz & Carr.

When asked why the change was made, Alan Wasser, an executive with the awards said, "It gives the Tonys the imprimatur of credibility".

Ok, a couple of comments on that quote:

1. OUCH, Lutz & Carr - did an artsy-fartsy executive just call you out as not being good at vote counting?

2. Since when does KPMG give anything the "imprimatur of credibility"?

Regardless, I'm sure Tim Flynn is busting out the show tunes out of the speakers at 345 Park right now.

KPMG Takes Over Vote Counting for Tonys, Ousting 50-Year Firm [Bloomberg] Sphere: Related Content

1 comment:

  1. I have always been enamored by the visual image of suits walking into some situation with guarded briefcases in hand. Add loose metal handcuffs, and the feeling of urgency and importance surrounding said situation becomes nearly unbearable.

    Plus, when someone is quoted using word structures such as “imprimatur of credibility”, I realize they are more important than me, and way smarter too. Plus, it acts as a pseudo-self-fulfilling prophecy, whereby the intellectually sound orator has poetically applied words which automatically lend credibility to the process, no matter what other name is on the contract with Tony’s (in this case it is more like four letters which most people cannot pronounce the names for whom they stand).