Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Hope You Can Sleep At Night!

Okay, you've been fired. It sucks (or maybe it didn't). Anyhoo, did you stop and think for the poor sap that had to fire you? They had to antagonize over the look of defeat, shock, and oops I crapped my pants that was plastered all over your face when the words "this is a difficult decision for the Company" were slowly uttered in your direction.

Regardless of what you think that heartless prick (who's address conveniently found it's way into your possession) who gave the parting remarks, he/she may have had an ethical quandary going on inside their heads. And, chances are, you aren't the only one they chopped.

So the question really firing people unethical? Before you scream out, "You bet your ASS it's unethical" at least read the post by Randy Cohen at the Times so you can leave insanely self-righteous and achieve legendary status at the next company where you get the can.

Specifically, this might help:

...people are not machines. Many ethical systems mandate that you do not treat a person like a thing. You must regard other people as full human beings with the same moral rights as you. And that must include the right to make a living.

So, get back out there and get your ass fired again! At least you'll have a snappy response this time!

Is Sacking People Unethical?
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  1. I think Randy brings up a good point in the salaries of executives and they effect of a companies bottom line when the CEO makes as much as a significant portion of employees of a company, combined. Granted, I am all for the higher position, higher stress, higher responsibility jobs paying more, but what is enough, and what isnt enough? Was his $9 million in compensation last year excessive? If he had been paid just 1 or 2 million, would the workers have been forced to be let go? It's amazing to me that an executives decision rarely effect themselves (granted I have done no research on this point and am sure it will be thrown back in my face) but when slashing their compensation in half (assuming it would have the same effect as laying off X # of employees), why is it we never hear about it, but rather, they 1,000s of jobs each company is cutting. It is greed?

  2. GB - you're on the right track. I've held the same position for months. Now that some partners are being let go, it seems as though some offices get it.

  3. although, you ask any partner and not a single one of them will tell you they are paid too well.